Helen Brookes: E-Learning Rapid Development Tools Portfolio

Adobe Captivate 9 Demo

One-minute module with splash screen and second slide with a LOT going on.

Animations, interactions and embeded videos are all easily and beautifully integrated using this versatile content development platform.

Moovly Demo

For the classic quick and cheery corporate video, Moovly's just the thing.

This popular animation style, together with an upbeat ukelele jingle is just the thing to create an uplifting corporate info video.

PowerPoint Video Demo

It's simply amazing what can be done using just PowerPoint.

About half a minute in, most audiences start to doubt that this amazing video was created using just MS PowerPoint.

Articulate Storyline Demo

Yet another content developement giant.

Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate are neck and neck in the eLearning world. This quick corporate training video, used here with client's permission, show why.

capa screengrab

Instructional Design Storyboard

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed storyboard for the success of your training programmes. Capture and articulate all your training needs in one powerful document. Here's how...

capa screengrab

Gamification Demo

Pings and stars for getting things right. Bring the power of gaming principles to eLearning.

Your users will love the interactivity of gamification. This Adobe Captivate 9 demo also shows the "Show Me" and "Try It" modes of software simulation training.

Graphic Design Book Cover on Apple Pages

This book cover is a study in working with dozens of different layers, transparencies and quirky elements to Amazon's CreateSpace's exacting standards. Apple's Pages proved equal to the task, and, in my opinion, a decent rival to the mighty QuarkXPress.

The result, magical.

capa screengrab

Graphic Design Children's Book, Apple Pages

This children's picture book explores the Eastern belief of all life being a dream. It needed to convery a mood of magic and surreal beauty. The task involved scouring the internet for artists with the precise kind of artwork that would convey this magic, and a use of layring and colour schemes to "grab the reader by the shoulders and pull them into the dream"

capa screengrab

Graphic Design Author Platform on Apple iWeb

The author platform the the children's book needed to continue the book's theme of magic and "the feeling of being in a waking dream."

These were my Mac days so Apple iWeb was the obvious choice.

Teals, purples and flowery font did it, to magical perfection.

capa screengrab

Legacy E-Learning

HTML-based ebook.

Check out this ebook I wrote inwait for it, 2002, when HTML script was the e-learning content development king. E-Learning has come a long way since, but this gem, though a little dated, still has a charm of its own.

capa screengrab

More Legacy E-Learning

Back to 2002 again. HTML exam practice scripts.

Here is a collection of HTML-based technical training scripts I wrote for beginner Cisco configuration practice, as well as some pretty decent CCNA exam practice exercises. All interactive, and all still work very well indeed!

capa screengrab

Learning from a book!

Yes, books still have their place in learning.

Im very proud of this book which authored in 2006. The paperback, "Silver Surfers' Color Guide to the Internet," published by Foulsham, is available in public libraries all over the UK. It's also available on Amazon...

capa screengrab

WordPress Site Customisation

I develop all my own websites, but never one to waste a talent, Ive had a go at honing those HTML and CSS skills by customizing WordPress sites. Heres one I did for a brilliant NGO in Nairobi. The client was thrilled that I was able to make their "challenging" red, green AND blue (!!!) colour scheme come together, rather nicely, as they put it.

Sliders, embeded videos, Facebook and Twitter feeds...it's all in here!

capa screengrab

More WordPress Site Customisation

Another WordPress site I customised.

Plugins, good copy, excellent photos and a bit of tweaking of the CSS code produced a pretty decent author platform.

I suppose it's also worth mentioning that I designed the book cover, using the ever excellent open source Gimp.

Book available on Amazon UK.

capa screengrab

Pretty Documents, MS Word, Excel, etc

I am an unwavering advocate of the idea that dull documentation (briefs, tables, reports, etc) need to be well laid out, easy to decipher and PRETTY.

Make life a little nicer for the poor thing that'll spend all day poring over mind-numbing facts and figures.

My small contribution to making the world a better place. :)

capa screengrab