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Customised Programmes For All Your Technical Training Needs

Our training solutions involve efficient project management, and working with your team leaders and managers to formulate training programmes customised to specific job performance needs.  We have created alternatives to traditional classroom instructor-led training, including developing online training labs and web-based training modules for both instructor-led and self-paced learning.

Equipment and Systems Training

  • Cisco Systems 
  • Nokia Systems Networks
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Accedian(Overture) Networks
  • Huawei Systems
  • Juniper Networks
  • InfoVista Technology
  • Cyan Inc
  • Management Systems

Cisco Systems
o CPEs: 800, 1900, 2900, 3900 series Integrated Services Routers, and Cisco Catalyst 3650, 3560-C and 3850 Series Switches
o Network Edge: Catalyst 6500 series switches and Cisco Catalyst 3750 and 3750-X, 4500-X and 4500E Series Switches
o Core/Service Provider: Cisco XR 12000/12000 Series Router, Cisco 7600 Series Routers and Cisco Catalyst 2960, 2960-C and 2960-X Series and Cisco ME 2600X and 3600X Series Switches.

Nokia Systems Networks (Atrica acquisition)
o A-2100 and A-2200 Carrier Ethernet Edge Switch (10 Port 100/1000Base-FX
SFP, 8 Port 10/100/1000Base-TX copper, 8 port T1/E1 CES, 16 port T1/E1 CES)
o A-8800 Optical Ethernet Metro Core Switch (10GigE and 100GigE), support
over 1 million MPLS flows.
Alcatel Lucent
o ALU 7750 SR-12 and ALu 7750 SR-7 Core service routers

Accedian (Overture) Networks
o Accedian MetroNODE LT-S (10G CPE) and Accedian MetroNID GT / GT-S (1G
Huawei Systems
o AR1200, AR2200, AR3200, AR19, AR29, AR49, AR18, AR28, AR46
Juniper Networks
o The E320 Broadband Services Router 100 Gbps/320 Gbps switch fabric, 12 line modules (OC3/STM1 -OC48c/STM16 and 10 GigE interfaces).
InfoVista Technology
o end-to-end service performance (frame delay, delay variation, frame loss and service availability)

Cyan Inc
o The Cyan Z77 14-slot chassis (200 Gbps capacity per slot and 2.8 Tbps per chassis. Packet-optical transport platform for metro and regional core and hub deployments
Management Systems
o Nokia Systems Networks (formerly Atrica) ASPEN
o Cyan Planet Operate (“the industry's first multi-layer, multi-vendor network
management applications providing unique 3D network visualization

IP Fundamentals and Concepts

IP/Cisco Routing and Switching
Internet Security
IP Subnetting
MPLS: Switching, VPNs and QoS
Voice over IP
Multilayer Switching

Ethernet Technologies

Ethernet technology fundamentals
Cables and connectors
IEEE LAN Technology Specifications
Layer 2 Switching
Double Tagging
Metro Ethernet
Layer 2 Security
Ethernet over Fibre
Gigabit Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet Framework

Single and Multi-vendor Carrier Ethernet networking solutions on proprietary  and open standard protocols
E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access (defined in MEF Standards MEF 6.1, 22.1, 33)
Network architecture
Ring Protection Protocols and technology
Service Protection and Monitoring
Click here for details of the MEF Carrier Ethernet Bootcamps we offer

Specialist Cisco Systems Training

CCNA and CCNP courses
Cisco Routing and Switching with hands-on lab training

Innovative E-Learning Training Solutions

There have been tremendous advances in eLearning in recent years, with innovative, effective, time-saving and yet practical training solutions now available for all types of training needs.
- Virtual training
- Self-paced online modules
- Blended learning (online and in-class training)
- Large Groups

Instructor-led online courses

With our instructor-led on-line sessions, you can receive quality training anywhere you are. All you need is a reliable internet connection. You can attend the course from a PC, Mac or, if you can handle the inconvenience, even a smartphone. ProctorU have a handy tool to test for general online training PC and internet connection readiness at Check out the virtual MEF certification courses we have available right now: MEF online courses

Large Groups

Sometimes work schedules mean that training has to be done for large numbers of staff, in a short period of time. Training sessions with large groups can, and have been successful.

Our trainers are experienced in effectively managing large groups for the best outcomes which includes:
- Moderated smaller group break-out sessions, and,
- Q&A sessions specially formatted for large groups so no-one feels "left out."
Talk to us about large groups today.

Authoring Tools

Adobe Captivate 
Articulate Storyline
Techsmith Camtasia
Advanced PowerPoint training solutions 
SCORM compliance 
LMS Integration

Instructional Design

- Perform Training Needs Analysis
- Identify skills gaps and required skill levels
- Identify effective training delivery methods (eLearning, web-based instructor led, etc) 
- Customise training to different target audiences (awareness, user, expert, etc) 
- Map out training programme logistics
- Capture all deliverables, timelines, milestones, etc into detailed training plan and course storyboard

E-Learning Training Development

- Develop training plan
- Develop training material (storyboarding, slides, eLearning modules, supporting documents, reference manuals, etc)
- Conduct training pilots and other end-user testing of developed material 
- LMS integration for tracking, monitoring and documenting end-user activity

E-Learning User Experience

- Gamification (rewards, point systems, and other end-user interactions)
- Software simulations ("Show Me, "Teach Me," and "Test Me" software simulation experiences)
- Learning Experience LX (end-user experience and interaction design)


We are very proud of our distinguished client list, which even includes eLearning developed for the BBC! Here's just a small sample of our self-paced online training modules...

YouTube Channel for all videos

Technical Training That Delivers

"Effective training delivery programmes that actually work"

Classroom Training

Classic instructor-led classroom training at a venue of your choice. We will even come to you if that suits your training needs best.

Web-based Training

Highly effective for large-volume roll-outs, our online training includes interactive demos and practical exercises that can match classroom training.

Self-Paced eLearning

Adobe Captivate animated slides, videos and demos create a highly interactive training experience with downloadable modules for individual study.

C-Suite Coaching

Customised one-on-one coaching is a highly effective way to bring busy C-Suite personnel up to speed with your technical material.

Practical Project Management and Training Programme Consultations

"Practical, time-efficient training programme development"

  • Development of training programmes: scope, content, schedules and logistics
  • Researching, sourcing and preparing training content
  • Liaising with business managers, project managers and team leaders
  • Adapting scope and content to different teams and departments
  • Development of training material; slides, manuals, handouts, practical exercises and scenarios
  • Compilation and delivery of relevant end-of-training attendee assessment tests
  • Delivery of instructor-led web or classroom-based training sessions
  • Collection and analysis of course feedback
  • Developing, testing and delivering hands-on lab exercises and evaluation for technical training
  • Production of relevant material for labs, as well as supporting and maintaining lab equipment for duration of training

Our "Understanding Technical Stuff" Series 
Introducing Our One-Day Online Coaching Sessions

Try one of our online one-to-one coaching sessions!  All you need is a reliable internet connection, decent PC (especially for labs and other practice exercises), and optional web-cam. Sessions that include lab exercises allow the students to work on practice networks in a seamless simulated environment.  Virtual learning has never been so practical, or simple.

Get Up To Speed With Networking Concepts, Fast!

Our one-day intensive coaching sessions are particularly suitable for technical personnel needing an understanding of specific networking concepts, or busy managers with a requirement for a comprehensive technical primer ahead of meetings. These are also particularly handy for those who are not suited for classroom learning, or the other extreme, self-study.  With our one-to-one online coaching sessions, you can ask as many questions as you like, go over difficult concepts and review the recorded session later at your leisure.

Available Sessions:

Understanding and Implementing Cisco IP Routing

Routing concepts:
Static vs Dynamic Routing, Distance vector vs Link State Routing Protocols, Administrative Distance, Default Gateways and Default Routes, Cisco Proprietary vs Open Standard Routing Protocols, Interior vs Exterior Routing Protocols, Routing Loops, Internet Exchanges.
Routing Protocols:
RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and intro to BGP
Lab Exercise
Create Simple Routing Network lab on Simulated Cisco Environment

Understanding and Implementing Cisco Layer 2 Switching

Ethernet technology fundamentals:
Ethernet theory, Ethernet frames and formats, Switching concepts, CSMA/CD, Cables and connectors, IEEE LAN Technology Specifications, Gigabit Ethernet, Spanning Tree, VLANs, Double Tagging and Inter-VLAN routing.
Switching lab:
Create simple Layer Two switched network with inter-VLAN routing on simulated Cisco environment.

Understanding IP Addressing and IPv4 Subnetting

IP Addressing Concepts:
IP header, IP v4 Addressing, IP v6 Addressing, IP Networks and Subnets, Public and Private Addressing, NAT, VLSM, CIDR
IP Addressing Practice Exercises:
Become a subnetting expert, become a supernetting expert, handy subnetting tools

Understanding MPLS

MPLS Concepts:
Why MPLS, MPLS as a switching protocol, MPLS as a VPN protocol, MPLS as a QoS Protocol
Create Simple MPLS network on simulated Cisco Environment

Understanding Carrier Ethernet Architecture

Carrier Ethernet Fundamentals:
Why Carrier Ethernet, E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access (defined in MEF Standards MEF 6.1, 22.1, 33), Carrier Ethernet Network architecture, Ring Protection Protocols and technology, Single and Multi-vendor Carrier Ethernet networking solutions on proprietary and open standard protocols, Service Protection and Monitoring.
Carrier Ethernet Workshop:
Given an example customer requirement scenario (access technology choice, reach, number of branches, geographic location, existing customer infrastructure, etc), create a workable Carrier Ethernet solution wire-frame.

More topics added all the time

Our select network of industry experts will help:
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Course Delivery Format: Single-day intensive one-on-one online coaching.
Availability: On-going, available on request. Just click on the booking button to select an available slot. Some sessions might need to be booked a week in advance.
PC and Internet Requirements: ProctorU have a handy tool to test for general online training PC and internet connection readiness at
Cost: GBP250.00

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Need More? Talk To Us!

We have an excellent network of industry experts and specialists who will coach you through a vast number of technical telecommunications technical concepts. These include MPLS-TP, DWDM, BGP, SDH and more. We could have just the right expert coach for you. Do contact us with your specific coaching requirements.

Aragami Tech & Digital Director Helen Brookes has almost two decades' experience technical training in the telecommunications sector, having worked extensively in most of Western Europe, North and South America, and India. Early in her trainer career she worked as a proctor on the Cisco EMEA and worldwide certification circuit. She has since worked for one of Europe's largest B2B data networks providers, Colt Telecom, as an IP/Cisco trainer as well as a Carrier Ethernet technical training consultant.

Helen has been involved in large training programmes involving thousands of course attendees spanning several different countries. More recently, Helen has worked as a certification trainer in Singapore, prepping students for MEF's CECP certification exam.

Helen Brookes 
Cisco CCNP, CCSI, MEF CECP, IITT Proctor, LINX (London Internet Exchange) Accredited Expert, Nokia Siemens Atrica Systems Expert

“Helen has a great attention to detail, takes time to understand the requirements of her audience and works extremely hard to produce excellent courses which have always been very well received.
She is very competent, highly motivated and above all a genuinely lovely person to work with.
Overall highly recommended.”

Pete Crick
Senior Lead Trainer, Colt Academy
Colt Technology Services

“Always top professional and always top feedback.  She was brought back again and again when we had a gap in team resourcing...Top quality work and always a pleasure to work with.”

Tom Bryant
Business & Digital Transformation Strategist 
TFB Consulting UK

“I have seen Helen consistently perform very well with course delivery on different formats; classroom, hands-on labs, web-based training, and more recently, the development of animated instructional slides for self-paced learning. Helen consistently gets brilliant reviews and feedback from course attendees from her dedicated and focused, yet friendly, teaching style. She is a real pleasure to work with..”

Schahla Djafari
Senior Technical Trainer at ECI Telecom