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How can training and taking exams best fit around your staff's other commitments? Do you need MEF training for new hires or for up-skilling regular staff?


Do your teams need broad comprehensive training or subject matter-specific deep-dive workshops on specialised technology areas? We have a huge bank of training modules you can literally pick and choose from to customise your training.


Our training material has been vetted and accredited by the MEF. How is that for quality assurance and peace of mind?

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Because we focus on what you need; how much do your staff already know? What do they need to know to pass the exams AND be effective at their jobs?
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5-Day Exam Workshops

For staff with general basic networking knowledge

MEF Network Foundations (MEF-NF)

The best place to start your MEF certification journey! This training is geared towards the MEF-NF exam and explores key components and characteristics of modern network technologies. The course content includes conceptual-level knowledge of SDN, NFV, LSO/Orchestration, Carrier Ethernet services and software-enabled networking systems.

MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP)

The most widely-recognised Carrier Ethernet professional certification programme.
At the end of this course, course attendees should be able to:

  • Discuss and understand key Carrier Ethernet Concepts,

  • Understand tasks related to designing, deploying and maintaining a Carrier Ethernet network,

  • Offer effective solutions to implementing a Carrier Ethernet enterprise network given available customer resources and requirements,

  • Carry out informed discussions using industry Carrier Ethernet ‘vocabulary,’ and

  • Pass the MEF CE-CP 2.0 professional certification exam.

Course Prerequisites:

The course attendees need to be conversant with data networks, as well as Ethernet and IP technologies

MEF SDN/NFV Certified Professional

This exciting new offering is based on MEF's exam blueprint. The course explores SDN and NFV concepts including abstraction, decoupling, virtualisation, network slicing and programmable networking.
Topics covered include:

  • SDN elements, architecture and functioning,

  • SDN orchestration,

  • Network controller placement and design, scaling and resilience,

  • SDN migration and security,

  • NFV components,

  • NFV Management and Orchestration Architecture, and

  • Practical NFV.

3-Day Bootcamps

All three exam bootcamps are available for networking staff with enough prior knowledge and expertise to skip the basics and get straight into exam mode.

  • MEF Network Fundamentals,



Flexible training delivery options...

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Customer on-site training. We can come to you for training at your convenience

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Attend courses our London or Nairobi premises for interruption-free training delivery.

Or you can stay right where you are.

With our instructor-led on-line sessions, you can receive quality training anywhere you are. All you need is a reliable internet connection. You can attend the course from a PC, Mac or, if you can handle the inconvenience, even a smartphone.

ProctorU have a handy tool to test for general online training PC and internet connection readiness at

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5-Day Workshop 5-Day Workshop
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5-Day Workshop 5-Day Workshop
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5-Day Workshop 5-Day Workshop
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