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The Internet is choc-a-block full of free and next-to-free resources to help you along your way.This is one area I've found where the "you get what you pay for" rule just does not apply.Some of this stuff is brilliant!...and free!There's stuff for beginners, stuff for gurus, exam stuff, lab stuff, unbelievable.I'll keep scouring cyberspace for the best and let you know about it.Here are some excellent links to start with.

Links for beginners:

1. HowStuffWorks.com

Not entirely unknown.I know you've already been there looking up the "How to pick a lock" article. What you might not have realized is that this site has masses of excellent beginner to intermediary level articles for the budding computer networking enthusiast.The articles are well-researched, up to date, and are an excellent read.It will not feel like you are swotting (and that's the trick to this).You might want to start with these links.Feel free to wander.

How Ethernet works

How OSI works

How Internet Infrastructure works


How routers work

How domain name servers work


These are enough to start with.More later!

2. Warriors of the Net - an online movie!

Yes, this is a free movie that explains how data packets are created, processed and delivered all across cyberspace.Riveting stuff.Watch out for the Ping of Death!

Warriors of the net

Links for those closer to prepping for the exam

1. General links

Be sure to start with the Cisco's official CCNA homepage.

2. Learn to Subnet online!

If anyone's to be believed, this is the hardest thing to master.The good news is, some of the best tutors can be found online, and for free! Take your pick of self-study or instructor-led online lessons.Whom you choose will depend on your individual learning style:


Other Cisco stuff:

True, the information on the site CAN get very technical, but there's lots of stuff that reads thatís fairly understandable, and handy if you want to hear it from the horseís mouth:

How to read Cisco technical documents

Routing basics

Introduction to IGRP

Introduction to OSPF

What is administrative distance?

Introduction to Frame Relay

PPP (Point-to-point protocol) overview


Thereís lots more out there.Iíll keep adding to and updating these links, keep checking!

Make this your one-stop-shop for your transition into a computer networking career. Here are links, tips and articles on how to pass your Cisco networking exams, as well as self-study material, and lots of general stuff on computer networking. I'll have easy-to-read, easy-to-understand articles on Cisco exam topics such as the OSI Model, IP Subnetting, VLANs, Spanning Tree CCNA, access lists, WANs lab simulator reviews and alternatives, as well as advice on how to build your own lab! Keep checking!
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