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"After reading this I really wonder why I had such a problem understanding the OSI Model.  It is now so clear.  The book was very easy to read...this is good.  This is really good."

M. Fairbrother

"I've never heard it explained this way before!"

G. Burkett

"This is great!  The OSI Model finally makes sense.  Now if you could only do the same magic for subnetting..."

N. Gordon

"Does for networking what Delia Smith does for cooking (global audience may not appreciate this!).  Unpretentiously demystifies the black art of networking."

A. Omerri

Make this your one-stop-shop for your transition into a computer networking career. Here are links, tips and articles on how to pass your Cisco networking exams, as well as self-study material, and lots of general stuff on computer networking. I'll have easy-to-read, easy-to-understand articles on Cisco exam topics such as the OSI Model, IP Subnetting, VLANs, Spanning Tree CCNA, access lists, WANs lab simulator reviews and alternatives, as well as advice on how to build your own lab! Keep checking!
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