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So you wanna be a certified CCNA prof…

…but the thought of ccna boot camp leaves you cold.   Is constantly searching the words ccna tutorial, ccna ebook, free ccna lab and getting you more confused than enlightened?  Are you totally new to the computer networking industry but are put off by the piles of thick hardback, technospeak and smug insiders?  Allow me to show how the transition to certified pro can be done in a less stressful but more effective way.  This is more than a training plan. This is a defiant cry against "Folk Who Just Make Things More Difficult Than They Should Be".  You know them.  People who say things like "Ooooooh Noooo!  YOU could never manage.  It's far too difficult.  Now run along and finish the [fill in the blank with relevant menial task].  Unfortunately, the computer networking industry is brimming over the edges with exactly this sort.  If only to shut them up, please read on.  Do remember to e-mail back a mug-shot of their stunned faces as you nonchalantly fan yourself with your certification papers (unless you too have become smug yourself, in which case, send your own photo).

There are lots of ccna tutorial sites online but this one is aimed at folk who are short on time and money.  Time you might spend trawling through ccna forums, articles and books (it helps to know which ones cut to the chase).

Please think of this site as your very own ccna tutorial.  I plan to have lots of free and inexpensive ccna ebooks on the site, starting with the topics that most people have difficulty with, and for any converts, I will have more extensive material for you to buy and dive further into.  It will not feel like studying!

Please feel free to download all free material, and read it through once.  Try to leave behind any pre-conceived notions of difficulty.

You WILL surprise yourself!

Make this your one-stop-shop for your transition into a computer networking career. Here are links, tips and articles on how to pass your Cisco networking exams, as well as self-study material, and lots of general stuff on computer networking. I'll have easy-to-read, easy-to-understand articles on Cisco exam topics such as the OSI Model, IP Subnetting, VLANs, Spanning Tree CCNA, access lists, WANs lab simulator reviews and alternatives, as well as advice on how to build your own lab! Keep checking!